The inaugural board members of the PulseChain Foundation consist of independent community members. We believe in PulseChain's future as a leading Layer 1 ecosystem enabling the next generation of products built on blockchain.

Board members serve 2-year terms and may be re-elected by Membership NFT holders for another 2 years. Each board seat holds the responsibility of being a multisig signer on the Foundation’s wallet.

Founder of Starter Labs & Atlanta Blockchain Center. Cofounder, Telos Blockchain; Inaugural OIG Chair, WAX

KSB TV CEO. 2022 Hex Tour & 2023 PulseChain Tour Operations Manager. MA in Non Profit Leadership

Owner @ HEX Passive Income, YouTuber, Financial Freedom Education, Crypto Growth & Strategy




PulseChain Foundation DAO LLC is a legal entity established as a Wyoming Unincorporated Nonprofit Association (UNA).

NOTICE OF RESTRICTIONS ON DUTIES AND TRANSFERS. The rights of members in a decentralized autonomous organization may differ materially from the rights of members in other limited liability companies. The Wyoming Decentralized Autonomous Organization Supplement, underlying smart contracts, articles of organization and operating agreement, if applicable, of a decentralized autonomous organization may define, reduce or eliminate fiduciary duties and may restrict transfer of ownership interests, withdrawal or resignation from the decentralized autonomous organization, return of capital contributions and dissolution of the decentralized autonomous organization.

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