Accelerating growth of the PulseChain ecosystem. Backed by the strongest community in crypto.

Unlocking the Full Potential of PulseChain

Our raison d'être

Over the next 10 years, a notable exodus of Web2 developers to Web3 is projected.

We are dedicated to positioning PulseChain as a top choice for developers and creators. Our objective is to create an environment that attracts and empowers innovative minds.

As staunch advocates of PulseChain and the broader Richard Heart ecosystem, the establishment of the PulseChain Foundation signifies our commitment to combatting a dystopian future shaped by separatists and pseudo-capitalists. Our self-assigned duties are to:

Facilitate Onboarding 1M+ Users

Amidst the noise and misinformation surrounding us, outsiders often have misconceptions about our community. It's imperative that we dismantle these barriers and facilitate the onboarding of the next 1 million users to PulseChain.

Home for Useful Resources

There's a wealth of innovation unfolding within our ecosystem. With this in mind, a significant aspect of the Foundation's mission is to be a steadfast guide, serving as a comprehensive source of invaluable trustless resources on the network.

Growing the Community

To unlock the full potential of PulseChain, relying solely on our current community members isn't enough. We need a vision for expanding our ecosystem with incredible dapps, protocols, accessible exchanges, proper rankings and a larger user base.

“The art of winning friends and influencing people is only as good as your influence is positive instead of evil. Maybe you’re an asshole? Then maybe the world would prefer you not be good at influencing others. Good societies prefer that evil people remain powerless.”

- Richard Heart

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